Hekla Volcano

You will find one of Iceland most famous active volcanoes Hekla about 2 hours’ drive from capital Reykjavik.

 Hekla is a stratovolcano located in southern Iceland. The volcano has a height of 1,491 meters (4,892 feet) and is situated about 110 kilometres (68 miles) southeast of Reykjavik, the capital city.

Despite its potential dangers, Hekla is a popular destination for tourists and hikers who come to experience its unique landscape and geology.

It is one of the country's most active and well-known volcanoes, with over 20 eruptions since the settlement of Iceland in the 9th century. Hekla is also known as "the Gateway to Hell" due to its frequent and often violent eruptions.

Hekla's eruptions are typically explosive and can produce large ash clouds, pyroclastic flows, and lava flows that pose a significant risk to nearby communities.

Icelandic authorities closely monitor the volcano, and a warning system is in place to alert residents and visitors in case of an imminent eruption.


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  • Lattitude: 63.992261
  • Longitude: -19.665815