Hardangervidda National Park

Hardangervidda National Park (3,422 km2) is the biggest park in mainland Norway.

It is Northern Europe’s largest mountain plateau and has an average altitude of 1,100-1,200 meters. It stretches from Numedal and Uvdal in the east to Ullensvang in the west.

Wild animals in the park

The plateau is an important habitat for Europe’s largest herd of wild reindeer.  Over 500 species of plants, almost 100 species of birds and 21 different mammals are registered in the region, because of its beautiful flora and fauna.

Eldorado for adventure lovers

The plateau with thousands of lakes is an Eldorado for adventure lovers. There are lots of marked trails for hiking, biking and cross-country skiing, as well as opportunities to take part in lots of other outdoor activities.

There is a myriad of marked paths and several cabins to spend the night. Hunting is also possible - with a permit (also necessary for fishing).

Dramatic mountains

In the west, the mountains are more dramatic. The hard bedrock in the south-east parts of the park is the rest of an over 1 billion-year-old landscape - Hardangerjøkulen and Hårteigen are what is left of an old mountain range.

The famous Norwegian explorers

The great Norwegian explorer Fridtjof Nansen and Roald Amundsen used Hardangervidda when they had to plan and prepare their many expeditions.

Hardangervidda is located approximately 200 kilometres west of Oslo by car.

Getting there

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  • Lattitude: 59.878680
  • Longitude: 8.594583