Gram Castle

The beautiful Gram Castle has a lot to offer for tourists visiting South Denmark.

Gram Slotskro is situated in the South Jutland castle in the town of Gram. The castle has a long history, incredible ghost stories, and dramatic events. The Gram Castle is surrounded by a romantic castle park.

Largest Middle Age building outside Copenhagen

The Castle is the largest Middle Age building in Denmark outside Copenhagen, and it was built over three centuries from the 1400s to the 1600s. It was originally a royal palace and its history can be traced back to 1232.

It was earlier necessary to travel on this road if you wanted to transport goods from Ribe to Haderslev because it was the shortest distance between the North Sea and Baltic. If you had a castle here you could control the traffic here.

Enjoy a guided historic tour 

During the last few years the castle has been through a larger restoration and renovation, but in spite of these facts, it is very recommendable to join a fascinating guided tour. Discover the interior, history, and beauty of the castle, and get the option to experience the castle garden and the farm too if the time permits.

What about a ghost walk

What about visiting the castle on a Ghost Walk tour through the palace. On the trip from the basement to the attic under dimmed lights where the guide will share exciting and scary stories about some of the Counts and Countesses that have lived at Gram Castle during the last 600 years.

The past comes to life, it gets cold and in the world of ghosts, anything is possible!

The hosts welcome you

Your hosts Sanne and Svend Brodersen will give you exciting historical details about the castle, but also their vision and plans for the site, the ongoing renovation projects and much more.

The slots area bubbles of activities and opportunities. You will find hotel apartments, a cosy inn, a cafe, a shop and throughout the year all kinds of events like markets and fairs taking place. 


 Visit also Gram Slotskro

Gram Slotskort is a cosy and modern inn and was built in 1855. They can have up to 120 people in the same room and has also a possibility for provides conferences, courses and meetings. 

Gram Slotkro is also an excellent place for excursion coaches to have a stop and have a meal or a cup of coffee.



Gram Castle
Slotsvej 54
6510 Gram
South Jutland
+45 74 82 00 40

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  • Lattitude: 55.295250
  • Longitude: 9.057196