Gothenburg Universeum

Welcome to the largest Science Centre in the Nordic countries

At Universeum every day is an adventure. The big building in the heart of Gothenburg brings together animals, nature, technology and masses of experiments.

Go on a safari

In just one day you can go on safari in the rainforest, head out into space, dive into the depths of the world’s oceans and walk through the Swedish wilderness.

Don’t let the word ‘science’ put you off; this place is a great experience. Sometimes you get the possibility to perform experiments.

Wide selection of adventures

Universeum’s seven floors are packed with adventures and experimental workshops, From spaceships, giant aquaria with sharks, rays that you can pet, to deadly poisonous snakes,  mountain slopes and an entire steaming rainforest complete with apes, caymans and piranhas.


Södra vägen 50
Gothenburg, West Sweden
+46 031–335 64 50

Getting there

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  • Lattitude: 57.698043
  • Longitude: 11.982626