This area is very popular regarding picnics, swimming and recreation.

The park areas around Brunnsviken lake is a part of the National City Park. This area includes a beautiful rolling park setting, a botanical garden, cafes, palaces and several buildings of historical interest.

Haga Park

You also find Haga Park here on the western shore. The park has promenade streets along the shores and beautiful avenues. Many buildings of historical interest are located here like the Gustav III’s pavilion, the Copper Tents, Haga Castle and the Butterfly House Haga Ocean. The Haga Park is one of the leading examples of English parks in Sweden.

The studio and museum of the sculptor Carl Eldh is situated in Bellevueparken on the southern shore. Attractions on the east shore include the Bergius Botanic Garden and several boat clubs, as well as the Swedish Museum of Natural History.

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  • Lattitude: 59.370119
  • Longitude: 18.038723