An enjoyable museum for the whole family.

In the Aeroseum you will find a presentation of the history and development of aviation.

Everything from Icarus to the modern aircraft of today, helicopters and other flying machines. Civilian, military and international. Some vehicles are also on show.

Fly in vintage aircraft and helicopters

It is an aviation activity centre, where you can experience the environment and the sense about flying.

The Aeroseum has succeeded the constructing of a realistic experience. Visitors are able, apart from seeing the displayed aircraft and aviation-oriented items, to construct, restore, virtually fly and even actually fly old aircraft and helicopters.

An aviation-oriented experience park is planned in the lovely natural area above the underground hangar.

The Aeroseum want to stimulate the interest especially for the children and young people about technology and scientific subjects, through experimental educational displays formats.

The Aeroseum offers experiences that have not previously been available to the general public, including flying in vintage aircraft and helicopters.


Holmvägen 100
417 46 Gothenburg
Gothenburg, West Sweden

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  • Lattitude: 57.773884
  • Longitude: 11.899272

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