Where is Scandinavia

Scandinavia is the three countries, Denmark, Sweden and Norway and is located in northern Europe.

These countries are located on the Scandinavian Peninsula, which extends northward from the European continent. Finland and Iceland are sometimes considered part of Scandinavia, but they are not included in Scandinavia but in the Nordic countries.


Destinations within the Nordic region 

The Nordic region also includes the countries Finland, Iceland, Greenland, Svalbard and the Åland Islands.


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Why visit Scandinavia and the Nordic countries

One of the biggest attractions in the Nordic region is nature. Tourist from all over the world is drawn by impressive Norwegian fjords, dramatic waterfalls, scenic islands, beautiful lakes, volcanoes in Iceland and idyllic farmlands. But also the natural phenomena like the Nothern Lights and the Midnight Sun in the Arctic region in the Nordic countries are unique to explore where you also can book rugged adventures when you visit the region.

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The Nordic countries are also world-famous for their minimalistic design and architecture, and many great designers, architects and famous Nordic brands come from here.



Nordic Travel Guide

The Nordic countries have stunning landscapes, the northern lights, historic neighbourhoods and modern cities. There’s a lot to love about the Nordic countries of Europe.