WeddingDeluxe is one of the most well-known Danish wedding dress stores and has won the Prestige Award 2020.

WeddingDeluxe has three wedding dress shops, and the largest selection of wedding dresses from all over the world and over 750 styles created with love by 25 designers.

WeddingDeluxe also offers bridal accessories, shoes and gear for your wedding. See more in their webshop.

In Copenhagen, WeddingDeluxe has a romantic showroom. Here you can see and try all their dresses and get advice from the staff in WeddingDeluxe.

Why is WeddingDeluxe unique

What sets WeddingDeluxe apart from the rest?
The special about WeddeingdeLuxe is the personal service, unsurpassed dedication and not at least their competent staff.

The prices of wedding dresses are reasonable. They are created for those who are both getting married in a town hall or for those who are going to celebrate with a big princess wedding.

The prices are from DK 750, - to the most expensive wedding dress to DK 75,000. 

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Knardrup bygade
6660 Stenløse
Copenhagen, Capital Region
+45 42427010

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