Wedding in Denmark

Celebrate your love by getting married in Denmark.

We have made a wedding guide to give you more information and tips about marriage in Denmark. Getting married in Denmark also allows couples to experience Danish culture, traditions, and hospitality.

Denmark is a popular destination for weddings due to several factors that attract couples worldwide.



Why get married in Denmark

Denmark has less bureaucratic marriage laws compared to some other countries. The process is often quicker and more accessible, especially for international couples.

Marriages conducted in Denmark are internationally recognized in most countries, ensuring legal validity and ease of registration when returning home.

Denmark was one of the first countries to legalize same-sex marriage, making it an attractive destination for LGBTQ+ couples seeking a welcoming and inclusive environment.

Denmark is a wonderful country with many beautiful places and islands to be married to, such as Copenhagen, Tønder and Ærøskøbing.


Professional services

The country has experienced wedding planners and agencies that specialize in arranging weddings for international couples, offering assistance in navigating legalities and organizing ceremonies.

In Denmark, many companies also offer different wedding alternatives, like weddings on beautiful Danish islands, in towns from the Middle Ages, at the lovely sandy beaches, or in our wonderful Copenhagen.


Planning your wedding

The easiest way to plan your wedding is to arrange it with a local wedding planner - here we can recommend Marry Abroad Simply in Copenhagen.

Denmark offers diverse wedding venues, from historic castles to beautiful coastal settings, catering to various preferences and styles.

It is also possible to arrange your wedding at one of the romantic castle hotels in Denmark.

You can also find a place to have your wedding with our Danish partner Evarto



Buy your dress in Copenhagen

If you wish to buy a dress in Copenhagen, we can recommend WeddingdeLuxe.

Romantic castle hotels in Denmark

Kokkedal Castle Hotel
Broholm Castle
Kragerup Gods
Dronninglund Slot
Hindsgavl Castle Hotel
Sauntehus Castle Hotel