Tipping in Denmark

This article will identify tipping etiquette in Denmark.

According to Danish law, any service charge (including gratuity) must be included in the restaurant’s price for menu items. Service is also generally included in the bill at taxis and hotels.

 In many other countries, tipping is often expected in the service industry. But in Denmark, you don’t need to worry about doing so. Unlike many parts of the world, service staff in Denmark enjoy relatively good wages, and it is normal not to pay tips.


Tours and tour guides

You are not obligated to tip tour guides in Denmark because the cost of the tour includes the gratuity for your tour guides. But if you feel your tour guide has been excellent and helpful, be free to tip him or her as much or as little as you like.



Tips in restaurants, bars and hotels

When you visit Danish restaurants,  you’ll have a service charge included in your restaurant bills; as written above, Danish law requires them to do so. Then it is not usual to pay tips in restaurants in Denmark.

When you stay in a Danish hotel,  you can leave a small tip if you receive excellent service, but you’re not obliged to do so, and they will not expect you to pay tips here.



Tips for cab drivers

Taxi prices in Denmark are generally pretty high, and you don’t need to tip the driver, and they probably won’t expect one from you. 

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