Time & Daylight in Greenland

Greenland covers four time zones (GMT +0 to -4), and Greenland lies between latitudes 59°N and 84°N.

You will find an extreme difference in daylight hours between winter and summer, especially north of the Arctic Circle.


Sunrise and sunset every month in Nuuk
Month Sunrise Sunset Hours of Daylight
January  09:49 am  03:22 pm 5:33 h
 February  08:18 am 05:03 pm   8:44 h
 March  06:41 am  06:29 pm  11:48 h
 April  05:51 am  05:51 am 15:12 h 
May   04:06 am  10:39 pm 18:33 h 
 June  02:47 am  12:47 am  21:19 h
 July  03:35 am  11:29 pm  19:54 h
August   05:15 am  09:46 pm  16:31 h
 September  06:48 am  07:55 pm  13:08 h
 October  08:15 am  06:09 pm  9:54 h
 November  08:53 am  03:29 pm  6:37 h
 December  10:11 am  02:32 pm  4:22 h



Northern Light in Winter

Depending on where the traveller goes concerning latitude and time of the year, the experience of contrasting phenomena of the Northern Lights or Midnight Sun can be seen. Between September and March, the short daylight hours are an ideal time to view the northern lights or aurora borealis-amazing displays of light within contrast.


Midnights Sun in the Summer months

In summer, the sun does not completely dip below the horizon- a polar phenomenon is known as the midnight sun. Depending on where you go, the Midnight Sun can be possible to see for a single day to more months. In Ilulissat, for example, the midnight sun appears from mid-May to late July.