Tax free Shopping in Norway

On a visit to Norway, you will find a wide selection of options to shop tax-free.

It is possible to get tax refunds of 15 - 19% are available to all tourists except for those with legal residence in Sweden, Denmark or Finland. 

In Norway, more than 3,000 shops around the country offer tax-free shopping, and you can identify a participating store by the TAX-FREE logo, which is usually displayed near the front entrance or by the register.

The minimum purchase amount eligible for a refund at one store is NOK 315 on regular goods and NOK 285 for food products. To claim -refunds are only available for purchases made in shops which are part of the scheme. For more information on how to claim back, VAT visits the link below.

You will find the Cash refund offices/service desks at various exits from Norway like examples airports or on board ferries and cruise ships. When you go to request your refund on departure, make sure you have your goods with the receipts and Global Refund Cheque forms as well as your passport.


How to get tax refund


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