Chris Craggs / / Vaagan

Chris Craggs / / Vaagan

Safety in Norway

General safety tips to help you stay safe in Norway's great outdoors

1. There are no sign posts that will alert you of possible dangers, so look after yourself and try not to put yourself in unsafe situations.

2. Do not underestimate bad Norwegian weather. Check the weather forecast before you go into the outdoors for the period you will be gone.

3. Take advice from people who know the area you are planning to visit, especially locals.

4. Bring the right equipment and clothing, and get tips on first aid.

5. Sign in/sign out: Leave a detailed trip plan behind including a "panic" date.

6. If lost: seek shelter and stay where you are. Use a torch/camera flash to attract attention at night. Try and position something highly coloured and visible from the air to help a helicopter search during the day.