Opening hours in Denmark

Check out the liberal opening hours in Denmark, which has developed in a must more flexible direction for the customers in the last 5 years.

Shops are generally open 9/10 am – 5.30/6 pm Monday to Thursday, closing later on Fridays 7/8 pm and earlier on Saturdays (1/2 pm)

Some shops stay open until 5 pm on Saturdays in Copenhagen and larger towns. Many grocery stores are open until 9 pm. A few kiosks hold late hours.

Many larger shops and department stores are also open on Sundays, except on national and bank holidays, constitution day (5 June), Christmas Eve, and until 3 pm on New Year’s Eve.

You find many great cities where you can shop nordic brands.

Supermarkets with a yearly turnover of less than DKK31.4 million are allowed to stay open every day of the year.     

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