Denmark is a very smooth and easy country to visit in connection with internet and wife options. From public places, to hotels, restaurants, shopping malls and cafes, a wifi spot is always close to find.


In Denmark it is normal to have internet at home and/or mobile internet, so internet cafés are not that prevalent in Denmark. Access is reasonable, however, to access the free wireless network that covers the country via hotels, cafes, libraries and other places such as trains and some buses. Pre-paid mobile internet services are available from certain telecommunication companies.


The Danish telephone system is efficient and simple to use if you want to phone home. All local telephone numbers are composed of eight digits.
The international dialling code from abroad is +45, and there are no area codes.
 For international calls, dial 00 + national code + area code + personal number.
For the phone directory: Domestic: dial 118 International: dial 113.

Mobile Phones

About Mobile phones Denmark is part of the worldwide GSM network, so compatible mobile phones should work without any problems. Regarding public telephone booths pay phones accept coins, credit cards or prepaid Telecards. For international calls, use DKK 5-20 coins. Telephone cards come in denominations of DKK 30, 50 and 100 and are available from kiosks an&d post offices.