Internet & Wifi & Phones

Wireless hotspots are just about everywhere in the bigger cities or towns in Norway. Places like gas stations, city centres, cafés, shopping centres, hotels, etc.. though not all access is free.

Tele facilities at hotels

In the hotels most of them offer internet access, and some may offer a computer with internet access for guest use.  The national telecomm provider Telenor sells prepaid wireless 3G internet dongles for about NOK 700 (about €100). These can be purchased at mobile phone shops.

Calling from Norway

DOMESTIC CALLS: Phone numbers in Norway are eight digits and no area codes are necessary.
INTERNATIONAL CALLS: Do you want to call international, you can dial directly using the access code of 00, then the country code plus the phone number.
The international country code for Norway is 47.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phone coverage is universal in urban areas and generally good in rural Norway, though some rural valleys might have poor coverage in spots. Many connections will be faster closer to the major population centres, where 4G-networks are well established. You should also expect to lose connectivity in some tunnels, both for roads and trains.
Good tip is to try to restrict your use of mobile data services to locations where you can access a local wi-fi network. These are very widespread in Norway. Most restaurants, cafes, hotels, shopping centres or even petrol stations have free Wi-Fi available.

Sim Card in Norway

•7-Eleven, both shops and in Shell-stations, as well as the Narvesen kiosks, offer SIM-cards or start-up packs from Telenor Mobil, NetCom, Chess, MyCall, OneCall, Interfone and Lyca Mobile.
•OneCall SIM-cards may also be ordered online and can then be picked up at any Narvesen kiosk later.
•Electronics shops such as Expert, Elkjøp, Euronics, Lefdal and Siba may sell SIM-cards for a variety of network operators.
•Some of the major operators also have their own shops, selling only their own subscriptions.

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