Facts about Denmark

Denmark is the southernmost and smallest of the Nordic countries and is renowned as one of the happiest countries in the world.

How many people live in Denmark

In 2019 5.806.000 people living in Denmark. Currently, 88.0 % of the population of Denmark is urban and lives in towns and cities.


Largest cities in Denmark (2020)

1) Copenhagen: 633.000 

2) Aarhus:  281.000

3) Odense: 180.00.000

4) Aalborg: 141.000


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Life Expectancy in Denmark

Females: 83,3 years
Males: 79,5 years

How long is the coastline in Denmark

Denmark has a 7314 km long coastline and 406 islands. It is a country with quite much wind, and this explains why Denmark is one of the world`s largest exporters of wind turbines.


Quick Facts 

 Total area  43,561 km2
 Land area  42,890 km2
 Capital  Copenhagen (1 246 611)
 Population  5 806 000 (2019)
 Head of State  Queen Margrethe II
 Form of government  Constitutional monarchy 
 Head of government  Mette Frederiksen
 Currency  Danish crown (DKK)
 Official language  Danish
 National day  5 June
 Time zone  CET² (UTC+1)
  - Summer  (DST) CEST² (UTC+2)
 Climate zone  Temperate climate