Explore the Tromsø Region with Tromsø Bussring

Every year from December to the end of March you will find excellent transport options to Narvik and Lyngenfjord from Tromsø.

Just outside the Scandic Ishavshotel in the main centre of Tromsø by the harbour, daily bus connections take you to Narvik and Lyngenfjord.
Together with Tromsø Bussring, which corporate with local providers of experiences, daily departures with modern coaches making it possible for travellers to experience all the fascinating attractions and adventures on destinations like Lyngenfjord, Narvik, Bardu, Senja and Mårselv.

The Experience Tromsø Region Service can be booked through different activity vendors, Visit Narvik, Visit Tromsø-Region, Visit Lyngenfjord and Tromsø Safari. If only bus transfer is the option, this service can be booked directly through Bussring.

Find your next adventures

There is a wide selection of Arctic experiences to discover. Adventures like ice fishing in Lyngen, skiing in Målselv, a visit to Aurora Spirit - the northernmost distillery in the world - or meet the wolfs at Polar Park.

The ultimate adventure experience

On the delightful bus tour to your next adventure, there are services included like online guiding, hot drinks and a small snack. But – the best of all - it takes you back and forth without you need to care about where to stop, or to turn left or right, just enjoy the trip. 

Find your next adventure today

The tours and adventures can be booked directly on our website, or by contacting the providers directly.
Seats are bookable through activity vendors or by Bussring directly in advance.

The bus from Tromsø to Narvik

There is a daily bus service from Tromsø to Narvik and back. The bus departs outside the Scandic Ishavshotel at 09.00 and takes you on a scenic journey to Narvik.

Tromsø to Narvik
09:00 Depart Tromsø
10:00 Nordkjosbotn
10:25 Heia
10:50 Buktamoen / Olsborg 
11:30 Setermoen
12:00 Arrival Polar Park
15:00 Departure Polar Park
16:15 Arrival Narvik

Narvik to Tromsø
10:30 Depart Narvik
11:45 Arrival Polar Park
13:20 Departure Narvik
14:40 Arrival Polar Park
15:00 Departure Polar Park
16:10 Buktamoen / Olsborg 
17:00 Nordkjosbotnn
18:00 Arrival Tromsø

The bus from Tromsø to Lyngen

There is a daily bus service from Tromsø to Lyngen and back. The bus departs outside the Scandic Ishavstotel at 08.45 and takes you on a scenic journey to the heart of the Lyngen Alps. Read more about exciting adventures in Lyngen. From Lyngen Resort /Aurora Spirit at 13:45, and arrival Tromsø and Scandic Ishavshotel at 16:15.

Tromsø to Lyngen
08:45 Depart Tromsø
09:30 Arrival Breivikeidet 
10:00 Ferry to Svensby
10:20 Arrival Svensby
10:40 Lyngseidet
11:00 Lyngen Resort / Aurora Spirit

Lyngen to Tromsø
13:45 Depart Lyngen Resort /Aurora Spirit
14:00 Lyngseidet
14:40 Ferry to Breivikeidet
15:00 Arrival Breivikeidet
15:10 Depart Breivikeidet
16:00 Arrive Tromsø

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