Credit Cards & Traveller Cheques in Greenland

Credit Cards

In Greenland you easily find a ATM in all towns to withdraw Danish kroner (DKK) using the following credit cards. In general you can use all major credit cards like Visa-Diners-Maestro-Dankort-Visa Plus Card-Visa Electron-Eurocheque Card-Eurocard/Mastercard. Remember it`s require a 4-digit Pin Number. Like other countries credit cards can be used at many hotels, restaurants and shops, but a good rule always to have some small Danish cash in the  pocket,  as some ATMs may not be in service at the weekend.

Travellers Cheques

In fact, Cheques in major currencies can be exchanged as indicated in the Money Exchange section above. You have to remember as Traveller to take traveller's cheques in Pound Sterling or US Dollars as good rule to avoid additional exchange charges. However, it is recommendable using cash and credit/debit cards.

Prices in Greenland

Related to Greenland`s nature and population many food and drink products has to be imported. , and maybe can have a impact of prices are little bit higher. Articles like alcohol, tobacco, veetables and fruit are in particular in the high in of the Scala.