Credit Cards in Denmark

Danish ATM

It is no problem to find and withdraw cash from bank ATMs in Denmark with Visa, Cirrus, Euro or MasterCard. The ATM can be used 24/7, and you will be notified, before the withdrawal, of any charges you may incur.

Use of credit cards

Credit cards of many International kinds can be used in restaurants, hotels, petrol stations and shops, but you will have to notify, that company has the right to charge you an extra fee. Not all of them do and you will be notified before making a payment if an extra fee will be charged.

A lot of smaller shops and supermarkets do not accept international credit cards.

How to block your card

If you lose your credit card, you can block its use by calling the relevant number below:

Accept Card: +45 35 86 77 77

American Express: +45 80 01 00 21

Dankort: +45 44 89 29 29

Diners Club: +45 36 73 73 73

Eurocard: +45 44 89 27 50

Visa: +45 80 01 85 88