Biking in Norway

Norway`s offers numerous options for bikers with word class road biking, fantastic bicycle routes and an increasing number of trails and tracks for those that choose the challenge in the scenic Norwegian mountain terrain.

Cycle on a remote island in the midnight sun, try a path beneath a mountain plunging into a fjord or get your adrenaline pumping going downhill.

Top Biking roads & trails

Discover the Hardangerfjord on a bicycle. “Sykkel in Hardanger” offers rental bicycles and packages including bicycles, accommodation and activities. The bicycles will be delivered and collected according to the agreed plan for the clients. There are several different route options, and routes may also be tailored.

1. Rallarvegen, from Geilo to Voss

This route is Norway’s most popular biking route. Through the Hardangervidda mountain plateau, it takes you from Geilo to either Voss or Flåm by the Aurlandsfjord.

The 210 kilometres long road is a must for bicycling enthusiasts. There is still some snow left in spring, so remember to check snow conditions before you go. An excellent place to start the trip is at Haugastøl, where you will find a train station and a large parking space.

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2. Coastal route in Nordland

This route goes from Brønnøysund to Sandnessjøen and back to Brønnøysund.
The coast of Helgeland in Nordland offers beautiful mountains, beaches, skerries and islands, including the UNESCO protected island of Vega. Dønna is known for sea eagles.

3. Mjølkeveien in Oppland

This route is either a round-trip on the Stølsvidda mountain plateau or a one-way route from Golsfjellet to Fagernes in Valdres. At the mountain plateau between Valdres and Hallingdal, there is a large area with mountain pastures where you can bike for several miles with a fantastic view of the mountains in Jotunheimen. There are signposts along the way. You should order your accommodation in advance. Bring your swimming and fishing gear.

4. Dovrefjell and Rondane, from Hjerkinn to Dovre

Take a short detour on the Snøheimveien road towards Snøhetta, where you can see the rare musk ox. Do not get too close to the animals. You have a good view of the mountains in Dovre and Rondane national parks on this route.

5. The Oslofjord

A good starting point is Sonsveien station in Østfold, where you can bike through Son and Moss and Jeløya. From here you can take a ferry across the fjord. On the way from Horten to Åsgårdstrand, you can visit Edvard Munch’s house. Keep going south, and you will reach Sandefjord, then Larvik and the small summer town of Stavern. 

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