Arctic Circle Map

The Arctic Circle is the imaginary line located at 66°, 30’N latitude and marks the southernmost boundary of the Arctic region.

The Arctic's ice holds about ten percent of the world's fresh water. This vast, shimmering expanse of ice not only creates breathtaking landscapes but also acts as a massive reflector, bouncing sunlight back into space and helping to maintain the region's cool temperatures.

The Arctic region has an intricate ecosystem where life thrives in extreme conditions. This dynamic environment boasts a diverse food web, supporting various species specially adapted to the cold.

It's no wonder the Arctic is one of Earth's most biologically productive regions, providing habitat for abundant fisheries and hosting vast numbers of migratory birds during the summer breeding season.

What countries are in the Arctic region

Norway, Sweden,  Greenland,  Finland,  Iceland,  Russia, the USA (Alaska) and Canada are the eight countries that lie either wholly or partly within the Arctic Circle




Source: DOD



A visit to the Arctic Circle is an extraordinary region full of natural wonders and unique experiences.


Here some examples

The magical Midnight Sun

During the summer months, from late May to late July, you'll witness the enchanting Midnight Sun phenomenon, where the sun never fully sets.

It's a surreal experience that bathes the landscape in a golden glow, providing ample time for outdoor adventures and exploration.


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The breathtaking Northern Lights

In contrast, during the winter months, from late November to late January, the Polar Night casts the Arctic into continuous darkness, and from September to April, you can see the breathtaking Northern Lights here,  also known as the Aurora Borealis which paint the night sky with vibrant colours.


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Arctic Wildlife

Get ready to encounter some of the world's most fascinating animals, including majestic polar bears, playful Arctic foxes, graceful reindeer, and many bird species. Wildlife spotting tours and safaris offer unforgettable opportunities to observe these creatures in their natural habitat.


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Cultural encounters

Immerse yourself in the rich traditions and cultures of the indigenous communities that call the Arctic home. Learn about the Inuit and the Sami people and their history, art, and way of life through cultural tours, workshops, and visits to local villages.


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Adventure awaits

Whether you're interested in dog sledging across frozen landscapes, embarking on a thrilling snowmobile expedition, or experiencing the tranquillity of ice fishing on pristine Arctic lakes, there are endless opportunities for adventure and outdoor activities.

Embark on a journey to the Arctic Circle and discover a world of wonder, beauty, and adventure unlike anywhere else on Earth.


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